feelin’ good

Bad Beat – How bad is a beat?

I was once ousted from a tournament holding pocket Aces by an s-o-b all-in’ing with 3-5 suited. What turned out was a flop yielding 2-4-8-, and what was more, an A, giving me trips A, but that s-o-b a straight. After that shot, my stack was dwindled to the point that I lasted only 3 more big blinds.

PKR’s a great place to hang out, for you poker enthusiasts, and it’s where “I” hang out 24/7 (roughly so). The reason I stressed the “I” was that it wasn’t actually me, but my avatar, that hanged out. PKR’s a great 3-D game where your avatars play your poker, sit at the tables, and scream whatever profanity (or congratulations’s) that you make them do. The graphics and game play are also very nice, compared to Full Tilt or Poker Stars or whatever poker rooms you use to roam, making me unable, really unable, to go anywhere else but PKR. (Really, I tried going somewhere else, and it’s just plain no… really can’t do it.)

Well, see me at PKR then! =)


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  1. TookAwhile

    Hey google girl, Happy Birthday.

    September 28, 2010 at 11:19 pm

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