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P&G Revisited

Coming back from P&G, I see in myself an increasing urge to excel and strive for perfection.The people there are so stressed and preoccupied with work! One person handles a conglomeration of different things—just like a crazy walking-talking maniac who tries to finish a shipload of work in one day. It is crazy!

The people here are also very talkative and straightforward. I guess it’s because they do not have the time to think too much and make straight things crooked. Their best utilization of time is to just say what they feel, and to feel what they say. This is one good point about them.

I’m a junkie for praises. I fall to my knees every time I hear one (from someone with rank). Just one praise can send me into the deepest and scariest of jungles if that’s what it takes to get my work done perfectly. I don’t even care about death! Oh, my goodness! All I want is to hear more of those praises.

Lucky enough, nowadays I realize soon enough before I fall into the same trap. I come to my senses just right at the mouth of the jungle—what am I getting into? Answer: Deep and scary jungles. What is it for again? Answer: For one more praise.

Therefore, I think it is wiser to stop here.

P&G is a damn good place that never lacks in giving praises. That’s why I keep falling for it over and over again. It’s like a sandpit that never fails to entice—to suck you in again and again. One lesson in mind: If you ever want me to do something for you, a praise always does the trick. ;)


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  1. มะเหมี่ยวน่ารัก (เอ้า เข้าป่าๆ)

    September 15, 2009 at 10:24 pm

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