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Like Father, Like Daughter

My dad was a Political Science major, with minors in Economics and History. That was at the San Francisco State University, which was one of the best in Political Science at the time, in league with Yale and the like. I’m pretty impressed with my dad–he took all the subjects I like! But what’s more, he graduated in just two and a half years. One major and two minors, mind you.

And he didn’t know that until he met mom years later. Mom was sifting through his transcript when she noticed that it was a very short transcript. She counted the semesters on it and exclaimed, “You graduated in only two and a half years?” Dad replied, “No, I was in the states for four years. Wait, I was a delivery boy for a year. That’s right, I spent only two and a half years at SFSU! I never knew!” So luckily the fact was revealed and passed on to me.

Dad later got his MBA in Finance from NIDA, where he met Mom, and where Mom got her MBA in Marketing or Management, I’m not so sure. Anyway, I’m just so proud of my dad, and wondering if I would become like him?

Except mine would be from LSE, muahahah. Just kidding.

By the way, he’s the guy in ชายผู้วิเศษ, in case any of you was wondering.


One response

  1. What a blessing story to read. thanks for sharing, sister. Love u!:)

    September 7, 2009 at 12:09 am

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