feelin’ good


I want to open a Krachay-drink shop. If you haven’t heard, Krachay is a type of vegetable with a host of benefits, such as balancing your hormones, growing back your hair for bald men, keeping your menstrual cycles regular for women, and nourishing your brain and bones. It also tastes pretty good. I made it for my dad a few weeks ago, and he’s been asking for it ever since every single day. He said it was a rejuvinizer.

This is what Krachay looks like, in its raw form:

My plan is to open a Krachay drink shop at Lotus Onnuch (because it’s near my house). It’s an ideal last stop for the BTS, where many people stop by for food, before taking another ride back to their homes. Estimating that rent in the food court should be about 50,000 baht/month, I’ll have to make 10 kg of Krachay a day, if I were to sell at 15 baht/bottle, in order to earn a somewhat sumptuous profit. This is based on the recipe that 100 g of Krachay yields 500 ml of Krachay drink, and that I package my bottle at 250 ml.

I’ll have two types of packaging: one for drinking here and one for taking home. If you take it home, you’ll get the boring bottle. If you drink here, you’ll get a cup. But not just any cup. It’s the cup with an umbrella:

When you see a person sitting at a food court, drinking from a cup with a cocktail umbrella, what would you naturally do? You would look around, trying to figure out where he got the drink! And of course, it could only be from me, the Krachay drink shop. Then he would also get a Krachay drink, sit down at a food court table, another person notices the umbrella, and the multiplier effect would occur. Haha!

A cocktail umbrella costs just 1 baht, in my estimation. But what it can do is not only attract more customers, but also give middle-class men a chance at a 300-baht cocktail drink, by spending all but only 15 baht. The umbrella not only does advertising-by-packaging, but it also increases the product’s value. The cup with an umbrella sells not only the drink, but also an identity.

As for the investment, I will need 50,000 baht for the first month’s rent, 20,000 baht for first month’s materials, and 10,000 baht for banners and other miscellany. I don’t plan on it surviving to the second month, so my investment should not exceed 80,000 baht.

Now who’s with me?


2 responses

  1. chaky

    good luck for ur shop!

    September 6, 2009 at 11:50 pm

  2. Then, I will drop by and have a taste. I like trying unfamiliar foods and drinks.

    September 7, 2009 at 1:45 am

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