feelin’ good

The Flowers Bloom in the Spring

When Spring comes, the flowers bloom. Yellow dandelions, white cadillacs, the dazzling dahlias… well, none of those are in Thailand, so let’s change them to ดอกจำปา, ดอกกุหลาบ, and ดอกเข็ม. Imagine running as fast as you can through a field of sunflowers, their golden faces brushing against yours, or driving along a boulevard of trees, their pliant branches bowing down to you, showing off their bright colors flowing from curtains of vines.

That is Spring.

Spring comes once a year, though I don’t think that is true. The Greeks invented a story of Persephone and Demeter; the abduction and the coming back of the queen of the Underworld; and the goddess of Spring to explain the change in the temperature, the climate that makes up the different seasons, makes up what we call Winter, what we call Spring, what we call Summer, and what we call Fall. But guess what? I think it always is Spring.

Think of butterflies fluttering among the juiciest shrubs of ดอกจำปา. That is Spring.

Think of white, marshmallow clouds flowing in the mildest of breezes. That is Spring.

Think of smiling children giggling in the simplest of playgrounds, made of wood. The paint has peeled, yet the wood is well-worn, as shiny as ever as one child after the other skids down its slider, or jumps at its seesaw. That is Spring.

Think of you working behind your computer, staring at the screen for one-third of your entire life. That’s eight hours a day. That is also Spring. You know why?

It’s because your heart is dancing.

Your heart danced when you saw those curtains of vines opening before you as you drove your way through the boulevard. Your heart danced when you saw those children giggled. Why couldn’t your heart also dance when you’re working at the most dull, routinous job before a computer with 17-inches widescreen?

It’s because you don’t like it, and you’re trying to get away from it.

But what if… what if you don’t try to get away from it? What if you were an Eagle soaring high above it all, looking down at you working on the dull job, would the dull job matter anymore? No! Because it’d have become unimportant and minuscule. And your heart could be dancing. In the Spring.

The revered Master Uguay (in the Kungfu Panda) once said:

You think too much about what was and what will be. Noodles, don’t noodles. Quit, don’t quit. Why not stay with what is now? That’s why they call it the present.

Presently, it is Spring.


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