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Drupal: Problem with Tagadelic

The Tagadelic module is used for creating a tag cloud from Taxonomy terms. Starting with Drupal 6.x, Tagadelic has a problem including the most recent tags into the cloud it generates. Particularly, this is because of its caching method. The problem can be solved momentarily by clearing the site’s cache (Performance->Clear Cache). However, the site’s admin cannot keep pushing the Clear Cache button every time a new post is made, so the fix needs to be made from within the module.

A few blogs recommend fixing the problem by simply changing a parameter of the call to cache_set() in tagadelic.module from the default CACHE_PERMANENT to CACHE_TEMPORARY, but it generated caching errors for me. The truth is that it is only half of the solution. The best way to solve this is to apply this patch by cpugeniusmv.

Hope this helps save some time for others.


One response

  1. Oops! I patched the code to fix this problem for http://www.foosci.com/.

    May 18, 2008 at 9:33 pm

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