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Migrating to WordPress or Drupal?

Currently, this blog is powered and hosted by WordPress.com. The cost of being free is that CSS customization and a bunch of other things are not under our control. Because lately I’ve been putting my notes on the Drupal book up on the blog, which involves showing pieces of PHP codes, I begin to see some problems.

First, the WordPress engine strips whitespace off the blog content. As a result, my PHP codes are stripped off their indentations. As all programmers are aware, codes without indentations are nothing but rubbish. WordPress is probably not designed with coders in mind.

I tried solving the problem by enclosing my codes with <pre> and <code> tags, in hope that the WordPress engine will mind its manners and not strip off the whitespace within. WordPress did not let me down this time, but it happened that its theme did not style <pre>. I tried switching to other themes that WordPress.com provided, but somehow none of them styled <pre> to my liking. Fine, I’ll style it myself! After tweaking the CSS and previewing it till I was sure it looked good, I could not find the OK button. I had to pay if I wanted my one-line of CSS to actually show up on my blog.

Second, as I blog more (roughly 2-3 entries per day), I begin to see that my entries branch out into three distinct categories: Meditation, Drupal, and Milkshakes (aka my personal entries). I don’t know how all three coexisted within me, but I’m sure each of these categories serve different sets of audience that hardly overlap. Particularly, I always blog about Meditation in Thai, Drupal in English, and Milkshakes in both languages, so my readers who are not well-versed in both languages — and there are many of those — must have quite a bit of a headache. An easy solution would be to set up a separate blog for each category. However, I have a better idea.

My idea is to have the front page of my blog arranged like an online bookstore, displaying the titles and excerpts of the most recent entries, with each category having its own column. In this way, my readers can choose the entries of their interests by themselves. It also allows for interest overlaps, in the case that my readers like both Meditation and Milkshakes, for example. The bad thing is, this kind of front page cannot be done with WordPress.com. WordPress.org (the script) may be able to (I’m not sure), but Drupal definitely can.

So I’m leaving WordPress.com for good, but whether to migrate to the WordPress script or to Drupal is a dilemma. The WordPress script is easy to set up. Drupal takes more time, but it gives me all the control I’ll ever need. Here’s the breakdown:

Pros of WordPress

  • 5-minute set up
  • Support from @imenn if anything happens.
  • Won’t be called ‘another Drupal zealot’.

Pros of Drupal

  • Control of everything. If not, I can write my own module, duh.
  • I’ll be eating my own dog food.
  • Good warm-up for the ‘kreak’ project, which is larger in scale.
  • Support from @sugree if anything happens.
  • Drupal has a very large community.
  • Already fell in love with Drupal’s code.
  • Opportunity to get to know Drupal well enough for GSoC.

Deciding between this already took more than the 5 minutes needed for setting up WordPress. :P


3 responses

  1. You may be interesting in Tapestry theme by RoopleTheme.

    May 12, 2008 at 12:38 am

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  3. you’re always getting further beyond yourself. that’s why i will never overcome you.

    May 13, 2008 at 10:17 pm

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