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MacBooks with Cloned Girls

I was browsing through Flickr today looking for something computer-related I could use as this blog’s banner. I couldn’t find anything nice, so I end up using the same picture (picture of me jumping), but I had to merge it with another picture (picture of the sea) to make it 770 pixels wide. Anyway, when I was browsing Flickr, I came across this:

MacBooks with Cloned Girls

Apparently MeFind (the girl) cloned herself by setting up a camera on a tripod, making dozens of shots, and putting them into separate layers. What I like best about it are her body positions. I think I’ve done them all, except the middle one, with the MacBook held in the air. My laptop is too heavy, that’s why. Perhaps people with MacBook Airs could give it a try.


One response

  1. Quite a hard position. Don’t dare to try.

    April 18, 2008 at 3:30 am

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