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My Humble Opinion of Facebook Fanatics

I think it’s quite weird for people to be so obsessive with how a site works and how it lays down its roadmap. Take Facebook for example. In the SXSWi conference last month, crowds of techies packed the hall, eager to hear what Mark Zuckerberg had to say about their protest to change a particular feature. I won’t discuss about the horrendous catastrophe that follows concerning interviewer Sarah Lacy, since it has been widely discussed inside-out, but I would like to express my awe for Zuckerberg for having such a passionate fan base. These techies don’t even own Facebook, but they go into frenzied protests for any changes that they don’t feel comfortable with. If they had a business at stake, I would think it be a very reasonable thing to do. But these protesters are simply users of Facebook. I mean, if a service doesn’t suit your interests, why spend money (money = time) on it? I usually just stop using a site if I don’t like it. Period.

From Facebook’s perspective, a dedicated fan base is a great thing, so that it can learn what needs to be fixed. But from the point of view of a fellow user, I think it’s just… weird.

It also goes for Apple geeks and… Well, let me stop before you sabotage me on Twitter. :)


One response

  1. tewson

    waiting for the next chapter of this saga.

    April 15, 2008 at 5:44 pm

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